2018 Lineup Highlights!

Off-Road Daredevil SOAPBOX DERBY + All Enveloping Art Installations + HOT DAMN SCANDAL + Mind of a Snail + Hooves & Beak + A Little Bit Off + Butt Kapinski + JASON WEBLEY + Snatch Adams + Bizarre Burlesque + Ragmop Theatre + Positivity Sqwad + Sunday Aquatic Circus + YOGOMAN + Wren & Della + Hot House Honeys + Figmentally + Guillotine Eyes + Sunrise Floating Dock Dance Party + WonderbloB + Bang Bang and the Bad Medicine + Zepto Space Circus Fire + Giant Aerial Piñata Spectacular + Whimsical Shadow Art + Hot Dog! + Living Roots + A Stick & A Stone + St. Cinder + ings + Midnight Drag Show + Weeed + Unkle Kunkle & Kin + CHRVNS + Bemya Nymh + Ditrani Brothers + Chaotic Noise Marching Corps + Strong Sun Moon + Dryland + Sawtooth + Neoglyphic Media


September 6, 7, 8, 2019

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Baby Gramps

Baby Gramps is an amazing amalgamation of everything that anybody’s ever heard. Baby Gramps has created a highly developed and completely original musical concoction that is easily the most intriguing synthesis to come out of the roots revival of the late 20th Century.


Jason Webley

Webley appears like a back alley prophet in layers of baggy clothes, a trench coat and an old porkpie hat; he leaps onto stages, window ledges and bartops, feverishly pumping the bellows and stomping out the beat while roaring and whispering in his passionate, gravelly baritone.


Chaotic Noise Marching Corps

Chaotic Noise Marching Corps is a Seattle based renegade marching band that is dedicated to keeping the tradition of music, performance, energy, havoc, discipline and sheer stupid fun alive in the streets. Chaotic Noise assures that you will have lots of fun forgetting how to think, breathe and act in your everyday lives.


High Step Society

At once groovy and raucously tight, High Step Society’s tunes growl to a Cotton Club vibe that plunges the depths of the EDM trench. Picture, if you will, traditional scotch on mechanical rocks, or hand-written scrawls on a word-processing page.


DiTrani Brothers

Junk Jazz! Or, dystopic underworld ragtime magic with an accordion…

facebook page

Moon Mirror

A passive solar lit crankie with music and storytelling.


Robert Sarazin and the Put-It-All-Down-In-A-Letters

Strong narratives solidly built on the folk foundation and fully in the immediacy of the now.


Crow Magnet

Timeless, soul-stirring melodies – Melodic Rock/Folk-Rock.


Blue Flags and Black Grass

Are you ready to get rowdy?! Blue Flags & Black Grass will be joining us this year at Sh’Bang! You never know what you’re going to get, but there will be shouting and boot stomping, guaranteed! Depending on the players for the evening, BFBG’s sound can be more of the jug/ragtime contingent or on the side of the gypsy-swing/bluegrass flavor….regardless…it’s good stuff.


Crow Quill Night Owls

The Crow Quill Night Owls are a band that plays jug band, jazz, and string band music of the 1920’s and 1930’s. They were formed in 2007 by guitarist Kit “Stymee” Stovepipe and tenor banjoist Windy City Alex. They’ve since added Baylin Adahere on washtub bass and the group often features diverse guests as collaborators.

bandcamp page

Karen Kunkel

Theatrical folk opera ranging from manic ramblings of a post-post-nihilistic clown to hypnotic, spiritually erotic time-traveling space-princess ballads, plus a bit of hillybilly unkel love preachin’ on the side. Medieval-musical-theater meets pastoral-astral-prog-rock. Surreal, visceral, and transformative.



A slow wobble through a forest of vinyl nostalgia, old jazz, tropicalia, and theremin. Second hand store records are sampled, slowed, and combined into a tapestry of hypnotizing relaxation, pouring over the dance floor like molasses.

Strong Sun Moon

Latin rhythms, acoustic blues, and world fusion.

Hot House Jazz Band

Music to move the feet and unite the scene. Swing. Dixieland. Gospel and blues. Acoustic. Nostalgic. Something for everyone. Inspiring fun.

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Caitlin Jemma & the Goodness

Swirling, mist-covered folk; sweet & salty twang; country soul.



A gnome-ling raised by civilized humans. i sing for love, for healing, for to mend our wild roots. i love you, no matter what.

bandcamp page

Honey Mountain Do-Do’s

Rocketship blues, coyote jazz, galactic country.


Jet Black Pearl

Mad hatter’s European gypsy tea party on hip hop pills.



Psychedelic Electro-Folk

Squirt and Squeal

Hillbilly kabuki theater / dance jams for neanderthals / goblin free jazz.


Yes Brothers

Two bearded brothers and their mighty violas throw down a mix of furious fiddling, raucous rock n’ roll, and sentimental sing-alongs. It’s two one-man-bands morphed into one two-man band with a pirate bluegrass sound that will shake your boots off.


The Ex Hit

The Ex Hit is a string and vocal trio. With their unique brand of hallucinatory, melodramatic chamber-pop, the Ex Hit sounds like a cross between the Kronos Quartet, Nick Drake, and the Dirty Projectors.

Comic Book Variety Show

Bellingham-based publisher, Neoglyphic Media, hosts a pop-up art book store, and variety show with performances in orbit around comics, animation, and puppeteering.


Humble George

Humble George is a 4-piece jazz and blues Vaudeville troupe that combines musical superpowers and eclectic tastes to create get-down tunes and blissful harmonies so sweet, they’ll melt your heart and not your hands.

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Massive riffs delivered by blunt force crushing in all directions, with epic storytelling lyrics screamed with infectious vigor.

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Marina La Plage

Psychedelic opera folk


Briana Marela

Glacial ambient pop music, seeking inspiration and truth from life’s magic.


Desmond Garcia One Man Band

2d comic country

wordpress site

Rosy Glow

DJing a mixture of original and selected tunes, all with a common thread of off-beat booty-shaking, scintillating synthesizers and gorgeous rhythms. Music by a mover for the movers. Rosy Glow has DJed Sh’Bang’s Cedar Stage in recent years, and this year he’s proud to be sharing his original rhythms with the Quarry for the first time! 

soundcloud page

This Body Wants to Live

A duet of multi-instrumentalists, Hannah Mayree and Rybree Tree bring soulful folk to community spaces worldwide. Earthly, wooded, soul-folk meets ethereal dreamscapes.

bandcamp page

St. Cinder

Got a case of wandering feet? Feeling those vagabond blues? Well, you’re in luck! St. Cinder is coming to swing those blues right out of you! Playing a mix of ragtime, folk and vagabond swing, these six traveling musicians are sure to get those feet a’itchin’! Come get a taste of that elusive wanderlust.



Not to be missed, a spectacle of spectacular spectacles. An all-star circus vaudeville show of local and international feats of dynamic acrobatics and eclectic theatrical wonders. Modern circus in one of its finest grass root incarnations.


The Murtles engage and delight audiences of all ages with their porch stompin’, wash-tub bass bouncing jug-time traditional jazz, their twinkling-tap numbers and their on-stage family dynamic-antics!

Living Roots

World bass music paired with live didgeridoo and other fun acoustic instruments.

soundcloud page

Sound Communion

100% Live looping using synthesizers to create a modern/world, hip hop – dub step soundscape.

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The High Council Band

The High Council explores the boundaries of melody and groove. With a blend of transcendent improvisation and earthy rock.

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Sh’bang begins with some good old fashioned sh’hichin’ in the chapel. You’re invited to gain a sh’spouse or seven for the weekend. Heck, sh’wed yourself if you like. No love limits exist in this little chapel. We’ll begin with some neo-square dance mixers and short engagements before creating eternal bonds of love between consenting strangers and/or loved ones. But don’t worry, these eternal bonds only last till Sunday night. Also CAKE.

Shadow Sail Theatre

An interactive evening dedicated to the wild frontiers of shadow art, presenting international multi-disciplinary artists bending the principles of light and shadow. Shadow techniques unveiled, contraptions of scrap plastic become whimsical worlds, invented instruments honk, silhouette dancers with extra appendages and long feelers wiggle and squirm, moths land on the overhead projector – their translucent wings illuminating on the big screen, strange and beautiful things that we can’t even plan are going to happen.


Beau & Aero

A Little Bit Off’s 12 time award-winning touring show, Beau & Aero, is a critically acclaimed physical comedy production featuring two bumbling, incompetent aviators. Pilot Beau and his sidekick Aero explore flight, folly, and the world around them in this family friendly physical comedy production.


The Variants

We call ourselves “queer frontier rock.” The long version is, “we are the queer rock band you never knew you needed—a five piece rock outfit with wild ideas on gender and social justice such as “people are people, whatever” and “stop being a dick”. Described as “the familiar sound you’ve never heard.” We aim to create energetic genre-fluid music using a lexicon of familiar styles to share unfamiliar messages.


w/ both shoulders broken

Experimental soundscape with guitar swells

bandcamp page

Music with Orion

Instrumental live looping using synthesizers to make progressive, synth pop/dance music.

soundcloud page

Kage Free

I sing songs I wrote while tap dancing and playing the banjo clawhammer style.

facebook page

Blue Flags and Black Grass

High Energy, Eclectic Viper Jug Jazz Grass


Shirley Gnome

From the west coast of Canada comes this multi-award winning cabaret musician known for her explicit lyrics, hilarious insights, and gorgeous voice. This saucy songstress will sing you outrageously taboo and obscenely honest songs that will have you in stitches. She has recently signed with Canada’s largest independent music label (604 Records) and will be releasing her 4th album this year. Award winning, cleverly-carnal cabaret comedy that is NOT for the faint of heart.



An ensemble of international award-winning artists in a visually stunning spectacle of dreamlike proportions. Blending traditional vaudeville/cabaret acts, innovative puppetry and magic illusions from grandiose to subtle GIFT HORSE brings you surrealist physical theatre with human levitation, planetary alignment, a walrus song & fine dining. Created as part of the Lookout Arts Quarry Artist in Residency Program. Questioning who is really at the top of the food chain GIFT HORSE looks itself in its own mouth. All ages



RAKTOR creates interactive technology for live performance, and combines circus and theater with projection mapping and virtual/augmented reality. Jasper Patterson is the CEO and Creative Director and combines wisdom of the past with new technology form the present to save the future.


Living Funerals: An Embalming Spa Treatment

Amica & Hekate’s Funeral Home for the Living provides a service that walks the thin line between morbid comedy and somber reflection. The idea is not new – simulating a funeral that can be experienced by a living subject – but Amica and Hekate have a unique and decidedly elaborate take on providing such a service.

facebook page

Bushel and Peck

A-star and Stoomph (international comedian and choreographer) stage their relationship with wide-eyed wonder and odd innocence. (Physical Comedy/Contemporary Dance/Clown)

Wordless Art Worship lead by Reverend Faith Faucet

See title.

Dinosaur Explorers

The Dinosaur Explorers is an acrobatic dinosaur comedic adventure for all ages. Join the team of dinosaur explorers as they sing, dance and tumble through a presentation of dinosaur history unlike any other.

Gnomish Love & Mischief

Nature porn.


Puppis Presents: the Summoning

Two pseudo psychic wizards from the future’s past tell audience fortunes with VHS Tarot tapes. An onslaught of outdated media, puppets, soundscapes, cauldrons, wands, and sparkly fabric, The Summoning takes witchcraft into the technological realm and conjures the spirits of the Eternal Internet. (Donald Palardy III and Phillip Allison)

String and Shadow presents: Distance to the Moon

Italian author Italo Calvino’s cosmos-traveling narrator,a puppet named Qfwfq, tells a story of a time when the moon was much closer to the earth. His tale, depicted in shadow-puppets on multiple screens, deals with themes of unrequited love, moon milk, exile and return. (Emily McHugh)

Sunday “Morning” Gospel Service with Faith Faucet and Friends

A heathy and humorous appropriation of the classical American church service, lead by Puerto Rican Preacher Faith Faucet and friends. This interactive gospel service celebrates the creative human spirit with music, dance, comedy bits with hints of burlesque vaudeville flares.

SILLY CIRCUS SHOW with bri crabtree

Bri is a Bay Area favorite variety entertainer and will have the audience captivated with her fusion of circus, vaudeville, and
silliness. The show features juggling, magic, illusion, and physical comedy. Objects come to life, logic is turned upside-down, and
curiosity prevails.


Burying Ground

The Burying Ground has a lively and gritty sound with tight harmony and a driving rhythm section reminiscent of the music of the juke joints and jazz halls of the 1920’s and ’30s. The band moves effortlessly between toe-tapping dance music, the yearning of country blues and the embellishments and energy of ragtime and jazz. Known for their songwriting, they aim to shed light on aspects of the human experience that resonate into the modern day, touching on mental health, the traumas of war, social justice and good old fashioned lost and found love.

Wit Whut Woot Words

More than two decades ago, NEPS began attending story-swaps, seeking outelder storytellers, and cultivating a feel for the internal structure of traditional folk and fairytales. Expect to see NEPS at odd and appropriately-tuned moments. It might be near the fire, in the centre of camp, at the breakfast line-up, or from a stage. In fact, wherever you find yourself just may be the place where a story awaits a listening ear. So, be ready when you hear the sound of the flute or see the shimmer of the silver glitter…these will tell you that a tale is near, ready to be told.

Aquatic Circus & Aerial Spectacular

A splashingly amazing circus show featuring synchronized swimming, aqua-aerials and other mind-exploding watery circus acts.

Della and Wren

Wren and Della have literally been juggling together since the day they met while on tour with a travelling vaudeville show. Now, some 8 years later, that partnership has formed into a performance style that is entertaining, genuine, and amazing. They entertain across the Northwest at fairs, shows, parties, corporate events, festivals, and more. Outside of performing, they like travel, living frugally, doing crosswords, and making out (…with each other).