Volunteers MAKE SH'BANG

Join the team that makes Sh’Bang the magical event that it is! (And, yah know, enjoy the festival for free)


Volunteers at Sh’Bang form a tight-knit wonder-gang with DIY super-powers. Nothing is impossible with this dream-team of doers.


We rely on your help and support to make the festival happen. This means: we depend on your commitment, your work ethic, your reliability, and your sobriety during your shift. Because of this, we ask that you really consider the commitment that it is to be a volunteer before applying.


For any volunteers—at all. Thanks. From the bottom of our dogless hearts.


  • General Festival Volunteers
  • Volunteer Floaters
  • Specialized Festival Volunteers
  • Sh’build and Sh’strike Volunteers
  • Buckstops


You give:


  • 9-12 hours over the weekend. General Festival Volunteers will have three 3hr shifts


You get:


  • One 1 meal ticket after each shift.
  • TO EXPERIENCE SH’BANG FOR FREE! (Your volunteer ticket price will be refunded to you after full completion of all shifts.)


You don’t get:


  • Parking Pass (please purchase separately or apply for one of our kitchen positions that offer a parking pass.)


What do I need to do?


  • REVIEW this info.
  • HAVE FULL AVAILABILITY: 9am, Sept 6th, through Midnight, Sept 8th (exceptions made for Medics or Specialized Volunteers)
  • PURCHASE your Refundable Volunteer Ticket Here prior to applying. You will need to enter your ticket number in the volunteer form (if you have been greenlisted from last year you will receive a passcode instead to bi-pass the ticket purchase.) This is our insurance policy that you will complete your shifts.
  • APPLY using the volunteer application form. Your application will not be processed unless you have bought your ticket
  • ACCEPTANCE: You are not a confirmed volunteer until you get an invitation to volunteer with your team placement & schedule. Filling out the app does not ensure you are volunteering.
  • CONFIRMATION: You must confirm and commit to your schedule for the weekend by Aug. 28th.
  • SHOW UP for Volunteer Orientation Friday Sept. 6th, 9 am. and for all your scheduled shifts sober and able to perform your job.
  • CHECK-IN with your Buckstop, receive your meal ticket, get feedback/confirm your next shift.
  • COMPLETE all expectations and responsibilities related to your position.
  • RECEIVE your reimbursement for the Refundable Volunteer Ticket price within 2 weeks of the end of the festival.



  • Follow all of guidelines above for General Festival Volunteers
  • These are the elements that are slightly different:
    1. You’ll have 5 on-call shifts (15 hours).
    2. You are expected to be immediately available by phone, or in person, and sober for your entire on-call shift.
    3. You may not need to work as much! Maybe we will never call you!
    4. If you are called and work your 3 shifts, you are done! No more on-call shifts!
    5. You’ll get 1 meal tickets after you complete a shift. OR 1 meal ticket after 2 unneeded on-call shifts.
    6. If this interests you, please check the “Volunteer Floater” box in the Placement Section of the application.


Medics, Security, Baristas and some kitchen roles are offered extra meals and/or parking passes in exchange for working more hours, bringing professional skills or holding more responsibility. If you have skills in these areas, please say so on the application! We need you!

Still, no dogs. For real. We love dogs. Our wildlife doesn’t.

SH’BUILD & SH’STRIKE VOLUNTEER INFO (pre/post festival crew)

  • 3 full days of work, complete with meals, camping, and freetime/surprises in the evenings!
  • Review the requirements for Sh’Build volunteers, Festival Volunteers and Sh’Strike Volunteers
  • Fill-out the Volunteer Application and answer the questions about Sh’Build and Sh’Strike in section 3 of the application.
  • Wait to receive an invitation *We will send you an invitation to Sh’BUILD if you are a good fit. These are specialty crews, and we have limited space.
  • Confirm and commit to your dates by Aug. 21st
  • If you have not volunteered for Sh’Bang in the past, you will need to purchase a


    Refundable Volunteer Ticket Here. This is our insurance policy that you will do your shifts. You will be reimbursed after you have completed your commitments.

If you would like to volunteer for Sh’build or Sh’strike, but can not afford to buy your ticket in advance, AND you can get a strong reference from a reliable member of the Sh’Bang Team, you can apply for our limited volunteer scholarship positions. Please contact us at volunteers@shbangfest.com with your name, who your reference is, what you hope to contribute to Sh’Bang, Sh’Build or Sh’Strike.


These people make Sh’Bang swim like a well-oiled duck! They work harder than a general volunteer but have more creative license, flexibility and perks! If you have volunteered in the past and think you have what it takes to be a Buckstop, please apply here! We would love to have you! Don’t be shy, many a volunteer has what it takes. You just need a little pluck and planning. This is a position that will help you grow as a human!


Mermaids, face painters, balloon artists, monsters, piggy-back providers, or other Thingamajigs: please apply using the PERFORMER APPLICATION.


Please read the Survival Guide on the website for success at Sh’Bang and camping info!


In the case you aren’t accepted as a volunteer, or you have to cancel, your volunteer tickets are refundable until Aug. 28th. After August 28th, your ticket is non-refundable. After August 28th, you must complete ALL your volunteer shifts in order to receive a refund. No partial refunds.


We will no longer be offering partial refunds. If you volunteer to be a Sh’bang Volunteer and you do not complete your committed shifts, you will forfeit your entire ticket refund. You will not get reimbursed for any part of your ticket for working part of your shifts. It’s an “all or nothing” game this year!