Countdown to Sh'Bang 2024








Sh’Bang! A Festival of Ideas

The most wildly all-inclusive eclectic arts festival, Sh'Bang! is August 30 - Sept 1, 2024. 3 days of unforgetable experience, at the Lookout Arts Quarry near Bellingham, Washington. Sh'Bang delivers enchanting entertainment and delights for ALL AGES, adults included. Soak it up: fresh lake swimming and regenerative forest bathing! Musical healing and mysterious feeling! More info and delicious details on our Instagram. You're invited to RSVP on facebook here.

Some Things to Expect

Loads of live music across genres every day featuring international talents! The miraculous and nearly impossible off-road Downhill Soapbox Derby that started it all, All-star Circus performances with national award-winning stunners, Elves, Pirates, Burlesque of all shapes, Puppets, Water, Costume-clad Shenanigans, Goblins, Witches, High flying one-of-a-kind Aerial Piñata Show, Fire, Love, Community, Life, Dirt, Death, Etcetera. For reading this far, watch this space for a sneaky little discount code when tickets launch 😉

Bring your whole self, your hidden self, your intimate self, your masked self. Marvel together at the marvels we make.