September 1/2/3, 2023

Countdown to Sh'Bang








Sh’bang: A Festival of Ideas

The region’s most wildly all-inclusive eclectic arts festival, Sh’Bang! is 3 days of good times, every September at the Lookout Arts Quarry near Bellingham, Washington. This year, join the immersive experience September 2-4, 2022.

Some Things to Expect

Loads of live music across genres every day featuring international talents! The miraculous and nearly impossible off-road Downhill Soapbox Derby that started it all, All-star Circus performances with national award-winning stunners, Elves, Pirates, Burlesque of all shapes, Puppets, Water, Costume-clad Shenanigans, Goblins, Witches, High flying one-of-a-kind Aerial Piñata Show, Fire, Love, Community, Life, Dirt, Death, Etcetera.

Bring your whole self, your hidden self, your intimate self, your masked self. Marvel together at the marvels we make.

Historical Highlights from 13+ years of Sh’Bangs Past

DOWNHILL SOAPBOX DERBY + All Enveloping Art Installations + HOT DAMN SCANDAL + Flotsam River Circus + HIGH STEP SOCIETY + Daikaiju + BABY GRAMPS + Aerial Piñata Pandemonium + Butt Kapinski + JASON WEBLEY + Calvin Arsenia + Snatch Adams + MIDNIGHT BURLESQUE + James and JamesyRagmop Theatre + Briana Marela + Arrington de Dionyso + Melancholia + Larry Peace-Love YesEarth Practice + Queen ShmooquanSamara Jade + A Little Bit Off + Zepto Space + AQUATIC CIRCUS + The Rhetorician + NEOGLYPHIC MEDIA + St. Cinder + Shirley Gnome + YOGOMAN + ings + Wren & Della + Figmentally + SUNRISE FLOATING DOCK DANCE PARTY + Mind of a Snail + String & Shadow Puppet Theater + Snaps for Sinners + MIDNIGHT DRAG SHOW + Unkle Kunkle & Kin + CHRVNS + Bemya Nymh + Ditrani Brothers + CHAOTIC NOISE MARCHING CORPS + Strong Sun Moon + Dryland + Sawtooth + WEEED

Sh’Bang is more than a decade old—drawing folks regionally around the Pacific Northwest and down the west coast: from California, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, British Columbia. Come see why it’s such a special festival for so many creators and revelers! If you’ve read this far, enjoy this sneaky little discount code to use on Full Weekend Tickets as much as you like: “shshsh”. Enjoy! Edit: wow, more of you have read this than we reckoned! Hi! See you soon!