Sh’BANG is Sept 1-3, 2023.

Performer and Art Applications are OPEN.

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You’ve got tunes, we’ve got stages and audiences with ears. Do you tickle those keys like a rock star? Do you sing like a siren, driving sailors to crush themselves upon rocky shores? Sound makes you ground, music is your main jam.

**Deadline: June 1**

Are you in the circus, a burlesque dancer? Do you bring flavor to the sh’soup by roving with giant mushroom costumes? Do you want to create a miniature puppet performance that surprises passersby in the Enchanted Forest zone?

**Deadline: June 1**

You made a 42 foot tall puppet of a dust mite that breaths fire and glows only when approached with open eyes. You made a stop motion FILM about the life of a stone. You invented a monolithic musical instrument from old bike frames and brake cables!

**Open now! Rolling deadline: June 15**

**COMING SOON** Jump on board the ship, all you builder/maker/helper types, as we set sail on the seas of creation! APPLY NOW to join our team, and animate this cacophonous dream! (You’re the best! Also you can earn a FREE festival pass!)

**COMING SOON** You make earrings our of found pinecones, and the richest brownies this side of Barranquilla.

**COMING SOON** Calling all speed demon greasmonkey maker folks! REGISTER NOW for the latest and greatest Daredevil Downhill Soapbox Derby of DOOM! (Just kidding about the “doom” part, insurance person…)

Sh’bang: A Festival of Ideas

The region’s most wildly all-inclusive eclectic arts festival, Sh’Bang! is 3 days of good times, September 1-3, 2023. Music, Downhill Soapbox Derby, Pirates, Circus, Burlesque, Puppets, Water, Cowboys, Goblins, Witches, Piñata, Fire, Love, Life, Death, Etcetera.

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