Applications are OPEN for Sh'Bang!

Sh’Bang is September 4-6, 2020

Applications are OPEN for Sh'Bang!

Sh’Bang is September 4-6, 2020

You’ve got tunes, we’ve got stages and audiences with ears. Do you tickle those keys like a rock star? Do you sing like a siren, driving sailors to crush themselves upon rocky shores? Sound makes you ground, music is your main jam. Apply here.

Are you “in the circus”? Do you bring flavor to the sh’soup by roving with giant mushroom costumes? Do you want to create a miniature puppet performance that surprises passersby in the Enchanted Forest zone? This is your application.

You made a 42 foot tall puppet of a dust mite that breaths fire and glows only when approached with open eyes. You will teach two dozen people how to make rope from recycled plastic bags. You made a stop motion FILM about the life of a stone: Apply here!

NOT OPEN YET. Stay tuned for the latest and greatest Daredevil Downhill Soapbox Derby of DOOM application! (Just kidding about the “doom” part, insurance person…)

NOT OPEN YET. You make earrings our of found pinecones, and the richest brownies this side of Barranquilla. Vendor applications are gonna roll your way real soon, don’t you worry.

NOT OPEN YET. We’ve got the spiciest sauciest volunteer apps ever, coming your way soon—you builder/maker/helper types. (You’re the best!)

What are you gonna Sh'are?

SH’BANG! is a uniquely immersive arts festival. We select artists and performers with quality, innovation, and diversity in mind. Show us what you’ve got! Once you’ve applied, there is no need to follow up. Thanks for your interest in helping this intimate and inspired gathering go BANG!

Historical Highlights!

Daredevil Downhill SOAPBOX DERBY + All Enveloping Art Installations + HOT DAMN SCANDAL + CALVIN ARSENIA + The Rhetorician + Daikaiju + Jason Webley's Flotsam River Circus + HIGH STEP SOCIETYButt Kapinski + JASON WEBLEY + Earth Practice + Samara Jade + Snatch Adams + Bizarre Burlesque + Ragmop Theatre + Rotten Apple Ruckus + A Little Bit Off + Zepto Space Circus Fire + Sunday Aquatic Circus + YOGOMAN + St. Cinder + ings + Wren & Della + Figmentally + Mount Saturn + Sunrise Floating Dock Dance Party + WonderbloB + Baby Gramps + Aerial Piñata Pandemonium Show + Mind of a Snail + Whimsical Shadow Art + Snaps for Sinners + Ruby Flambe + Midnight Drag Show + Unkle Kunkle & Kin + CHRVNS + Bemya Nymh + Ditrani Brothers + CHAOTIC NOISE MARCHING CORPS + Strong Sun Moon + Dryland + Sawtooth + Neoglyphic Media