There are many glorious ways to contribute!

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You’ve got tunes, we’ve got stages and audiences with ears. Do you tickle those keys like a rock star? Do you sing like a siren, driving sailors to crush themselves upon rocky shores? Sound makes you ground, music is your main jam.

Are you in the circus, a burlesque dancer? Do you bring flavor to the sh’soup by roving with giant mushroom costumes? Do you want to create a miniature puppet performance that surprises passersby in the Enchanted Forest zone?

For all your installation ideas, art cars, projects and games! Did you make a 42 foot tall puppet of a dust mite that breaths fire and glows only when approached by humans with open eyes? Did you make a stop motion film about the life of a river stone and robots that play drums? An art car covered in children’s toys (sound familiar)?

Jump on board the ship, all you builder/maker/helper types, as we set sail on the seas of creation! Apply to join our team, and animate this cacophonous dream. You’re the best! (Also, you basically get a free weekend pass to the whole festival for completing your shifts! A small application fee notwithstanding 😘)

You make earrings from found pine cones, and the richest brownies this side of the Mississippi. You sling clothing made from cattails and died with mushroom inks. Bring your crafts and goods, food and noms!

Calling all speed demon greasemonkey maker folks! Let’s bomb a thing with wheels (and brakes, yes) down a curvy hill!

REGISTER for the latest and greatest Daredevil Downhill Soapbox Derby of DOOM! (Just kidding about the “doom” part, insurance person…)

Sh’BANG: A Festival of Ideas

The most wildly all-inclusive eclectic arts festival, Sh'Bang! is August 30 - Sept 1, 2024. 3 days of unforgetable experience, at the Lookout Arts Quarry near Bellingham, Washington. Sh'Bang delivers enchanting entertainment and delights for ALL AGES, adults included. Soak it up: fresh lake swimming and regenerative forest bathing! Musical healing and mysterious feeling! More info and delicious details on our Instagram. You're invited to RSVP on facebook here.