Sh'Bang, A Festival of Ideas is ready to IMMERSE YOU

A wildly all-inclusive eclectic arts festival, Sh'Bang! features loads of live bands and multi-discipline performances, more than 5 stages, and outrageously extraordinary wonders. Some highlights include the wild contraptionist off-road DAREDEVIL DOWNHILL SOAPBOX DERBY, the all-star Saturday night SH'BANG CIRCUS EXTRAVAGANZA, International Shadow Art Performances, Spontaneous Music Video Shoots, Sunday's Revenge of the Giant AERIAL PIÑATA action, FRIDAY NIGHT Sh'BANG SIDESHOW, CREATIVE KIDS' ZONE, Mesmeric Mermaids, ZIP-LINE into the Quarry, Marching Band Parades, WHIMSICAL WORKSHOPS, enveloping art installations, SWIMMING, Camping, Puppet Building, Bizarre Burlesque Cabaret, DANCING, kid-focused performances/activities, pirates, cowpokes, elves, and all sorts of RAZZLE DAZZLE!

Things You’ll Want and Maybe Need

  • Clothing: all your fancy colors, styles, and, most critically for the evening, warm layers! It will dip below 60ºF overnight. Be prepared with rain gear (yes, our fingers are crossed!)
  • Headlamp or flashlight: main areas will be lit, but many spots are very dark!
  • Camping gear: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, etc.
  • Refillable plastic/metal water container: filtered drinking water is available on site
  • Swimming: The Quarry lake is a refreshing dip! Note, swimsuits are optional!
  • Food: there are vendors, but bring some of your own, too! Bring your own camping style dishes and silverware
  • Ear plugs: amplified sound will play until 2 or 3am.
  • Musical instruments, costumes, mermaid tails, water toys, inflatables for the Quarry lake, things to share, etc.

Remember, this event is rain or shine, come prepared to enjoy the festival in any weather. Aim for self-sufficiency, and support each other. Be the spectacle, wear your craziest. Swing a hammock.

ALL AGES. NO DOGS. Visit us on facebook for more Sh’Bang!


Welcome to Sh’Bang! Below you’ll find sh’urvival tips and need-to-knows as you get geared up for our Festival of Ideas


You can arrive any time during these Front Gate Hours:

  • Friday 12pm-11:30pm
  • Saturday 9am-11:30pm
  • Sunday 9am-4pm

Final Check Out time: Monday 11am! Get outta here!


It’s a festival of ideas! Sh’Bang is a participatory, cooperative event, and we encourage everyone to share their art and creativity. Bring costumes, camp decorations, water toys, crafts to make and share, circus props, ideas… play! The mesmeric mermaids would love you to bring your mermaid tail if you may. Splash!


We love having the little ones around and have numerous kid friendly activities in the schedule, from puppet shows, to giant puppet parades, a tea party with a real fairy, face-painting, mermaids, a cardboard crafting zone to make costumes, a special kids piñata, a shallow beach, not to mention the various circus shows, the Saturday soap box derby, and so much great music to dance and boogie too! Please know, we are a festival of ideas and with so many wild beautiful artists in the mix we can’t guarantee any of the content, use your discretion. We promote free choice when it comes to the swimming area, some people choose to wear a bathing suit, others go naked; so, if this offends you stay clear of the swimming area and rest assured that people will be clothed in the rest of the festival grounds. Lastly, there are some dangers to the site including sharp rocks, cliffs, prickles, and deep water so please keep your little one in site at all times, especially near the water.


We will have a conflict resolution team onsite to help diffuse any situations that arise and to keep people feeling safe. If there is a problem, or you are needing help, stop by the Headquarters station.


Sunscreen, bug spray, and oils muck up the quarry—so if you plan on enjoying the water, get them off your skin before you jump in. We’ll have some sunscreen on site that’s better for the water. We are surrounded by wetlands, so only use biodegradable soap if you get around to bathing during the weekend. NO GLASS People will be walking around barefoot, which means glass is not welcome, especially near the water hole.


Don’t pee in the quarry! The NoPee monster will surely get you. Use the numerous and oft-cleaned porta potties OR find a tree and discreetly water it. Splash.


No alcohol will be sold or served at Sh’bang in 2022. Be respectful, care for each other, take care.


We love the furry friends, and the Quarry during festival time is not a safe environment for them (nor the best for the environment). There are no dogs allowed at the Quarry, so please leave pups and other animal friends behind. Ducks, chickens, and a cat already roam the area and are best left to themselves.


We don’t WANT to charge you for parking! When you arrive, park temporarily in the front lot to check-in at the BOX OFFICE. Parking at the festival is very limited. Please carpool, bike, take a bus, or apparate if you’re not a muggle. Check out the RIDESHARE BOARD and you could get FREE PARKING. Each car on site requires a parking pass and RVs require an oversize parking pass.

Carpool to Sh’Bang and you get FREE PARKING! If you have already paid for parking, then check out the rideshare board and scoop some people up: we will reimburse your parking pass in FULL if you meet Clown Car Criteria. The deal: 4 or more people in a vehicle, you get $40 parking credit (so an oversize vehicle will get $40 off of the Oversize Parking Pass). Bikes, Scooters, Motorcycles, Unicycles all park for FREE.


We have RELAUNCHED the ultra popular Meal Deal!

Allow our kitchen to nourish you all weekend with mindfully sourced meat & garden-to-table produce. We prioritize local, in season, & organic options. We take care of our vegan/vegetarian friends just the same! With the Sh’Meal Deal you get 7 meal vouchers. You may split these or share with friends and family as you wish. Team up!

Click here to grab yourself a real meal deal. Notice, they might sell out, we recommend grabbing yours in advance!

  • Meals will be plated on compostable service-ware. Please bring your own plates & cutlery to help reduce waste!
  • Coffee & Tea will be available for purchase separately at the InfoBooth.
  • Meals times are 8:30-9:30am \ 1:30-2:30pm \ 6:30-7:30pm (Starting with Friday Dinner).

There will also be food vendors on site, so get your bellies ready to be filled up.


Your Full Weekend Pass includes access to the designated fields and forests available for pitching your tent (you may also camp in your vehicle). Come prepared, but keep it simple! There may or may not be shade available, be ready for sun and rain. Say hello to your neighbors… love each other. There is only very limited electricity, ditch the electronics. Earplugs might be nice. For the safety of staff and attendees, you can only drive in and out from the back half of the festival grounds during limited times.


There is filtered water available on site, but please bring some drinking water for your stay. We strive to be a low waste festival, help us out by coming prepared with reusable dishes, silverware, and water bottles.


Amplified music will be playing until about 2 or 3 am. If you need quiet in order to sleep, bring along some earplugs. There is forest camping all along our loop road for those seeking quieter camping spots.


It’s a rock quarry in the wetlands! There are sharp rocks and thorny bushes, be careful where you’re walking, especially around the water in your bare feet.


  • Dogs (and other animal friends)
  • Sunscreen and Oils (biodegradable soaps only)
  • Bug Spray
  • Glass bottles or containers
  • Illegal Substances



There are currently no vaccine or Covid testing requirements for festival entry, performing or volunteering. We expect everyone who is in attendance to take into account the safety of the community, especially those who are vulnerable. If you have had any recent exposures to Covid we ask that you follow the current CDC guidelines.

Please click here for more details about Covid policy and keeping the community safe and healthy.