Short story in zine form concocted by Lookout Arts Quarry artist in residence Z.A. Armstrong. Following the further adventures of the characters in Armstrong’s award-winning series, The Origins of Dexter & Stray, this story is an off-road, downhill, soapbox story for the ages!

Here’s a sneak peak at the brand new adventure, available only at Sh’Bang 2012! (Please enjoy responsibly)

Dexter was up all night and starting to feel it. His shoulders were aching under the weight of his overalls, his eyes were sore beneath his thick goggles, and his concentration was having a difficult time staying on the path. But he was almost finished and everything depended on that. He thought back to how he found himself in the predicament, a series of seemingly random events like every other major occurrence in his life, that came together in this one particular way at this one particular time to completely mess up his sleep schedule.
20 minuutin lihasrakennus käsipainon rintaharjoittelu kotona naisille ja miehille kehonrakennusharjoittelu teakriini miesten ja naisten lopullinen kehonrakennusruokavalio, ravitsemus- ja harjoittelusuunnitelma.

Stray was sleeping just fine. She was curled up on a cot in the corner under an old blanket. While she was a good assistant earlier in the evening, it was decided that since she would be the one racing the crazy contraption Dexter was building, she should probably get some rest so her reflexes would be sharp. And they would need to be razors if she was going to make it through the course alive.

They only got a peek at the downhill course, but it was enough to make their jaws drop. The jump alone seemed impossible though the locals assured them otherwise. It was a ramp at the edge of a cliff that would send the racers flying over an old rock quarry filled to the brim with crystal clear rainwater.

“Well if I don’t make the jump at least I’ll just fall in the water,” Stray said when she saw it.

“But that would mean losing the race,” Dexter told her. “And that is not an option.”

Stray considered this carefully. “Agreed,” she solemnly replied. “I won’t let you down.”

“You won’t let us down,” Dexter corrected her. He put his arm around her shoulder. It wasn’t often that Dexter volunteered that kind of affection and it made it clear to Stray just how important this race was to him.

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