Rise & Shine with The Sunday Morning Gospel Service!

Sunday Morning Gospel Service led by Reverend Whiskey Mama Mae & Faith Faucet! Congregate in the Cross-Eyed Church atop the hill for an hour of song, celebration, and the sweet ol’ tradition of gospel music! Disheveled and sleepy-eyed from a weekend of good livin’, enthusiastic, with banjos twanging & the church organ a swayin’, we’ll call in the morning with hands and voices raised high. All are welcome and encouraged to bring voices, good news, & instruments! This is a nondenominational service followed by a puppet procession to the sweet cleansing water.


Revered Whiskey Momma Mae was born in the woods beyond The Prairie at the age of 0 to a lady thief and a pastor. Wailing the blues from the time of squawking and wielding the church organ and accordion from the time her arms could function, the duality of sin and ceremony is all she’s ever lived. Reverend Whiskey assists and oversees general mayhem in the Stinkeye Saloon, provides a listening ear for confessions in the Cross-Eyed Church, and conducts the Sunday Morning Gospel Service to spread and celebrate the bringing of good news through music, melody, and communion.