Volunteers make Sh’Bang the magical event that it is! Join the team and make history.

Join the team!

Sh’Bang takes a whole lot of hands to make it a whole lot of FUN. Volunteers get a FREE PASS to the festival (reimbursed after shifts are completed) and a meal for every shift! Other opportunities and perks pop up, of course. Do you like being behind the scenes? Come on back! Apply today using the form below—and PLEASE read all the details, it will increase your chances of being accepted.

Build and Strike

Sh’Build and Sh’Strike crews build installations, ready the landscape, and prepare stages, and then undo it all when it’s over! Generally these teams get “three good meals for a good day of work” and free camping. Sh’Builders have the opportunity to earn festival passes.

Please email volunteers@shbangfest.com if you’ve any questions related to volunteering.

Volunteer applications will be OPEN SOON! We’re just working out the kinks in our volunteer ticketing system. Check back! Join the community on Facebook to be informed when volunteer applications have opened. Love ya.

Get Involved!

There are many ways to get involved with Sh'Bang. Here are a few to get you started.

Performers & Musicians

Musicians, circus artists, clowns, burlesque stars, opera singers, rodeo queens, visit our PERFORMER & BANDS page and fill out an application.


Got something to sell? Tell us about it info@shbangfest.com!


Art Installations

Whether its a scale model of a Lunar Module built entirely of toothpicks & bubblegum or a sculptural homage to the No-Pee-Monster who lives deep in the quarry, we want to know about it, fill out our INSTALLATIONS application!


Like what we do? To ponder the perks of becoming an official sponsor of Sh'Bang 2015 simply send us a signal: sponsorships@shbangfest.com!


Compete for glory and prizes in the Sh'Bang Downhill Off-road Soapbox Derby. Read the rules and register your team here!