All hands on deck!

Join the team that unfurls the magic

True immersion happens behind the scenes—contribute to the creation of a magical event, and join a team dedicated to spreading joy and inspiration. Sh’Bang volunteers gain valuable skills, witness world-class performances, and make lifelong connections. Celebrate the transformative power of the arts by becoming an integral part of this vibrant community.

You have TWO options:

Commitment: Aug 30 –  Sept 1. Jump on board the ship, all you builder/maker/helper types, as we set sail on the seas of creation! Apply to join our team DURING the festival, and animate this cacophonous dream! You’re the best! (Also—but you knew this—you can earn a FREE pass to the festival for fulfilling the Volunteer Agreement).

Build the festival, before it happens! Aug 25-30. Or help us take it all down and clean it all up, Sept 2-4. Good times, awesome relationship building, and plenty of new friends to be had with these teams.

Volunteer FAQ

Got questions about joining the Volunteer team during the festival? Here’s some answers! Click here for most current version. If you’re interested in Sh’Build and Sh’Strike, click here for FAQs on pre- and post-Sh’Bang volunteering.

When do I need to arrive?

You must be on site at 9am FRIDAY, September 1st for a Volunteer Orientation Meeting and free breakfast. You are encouraged to come Thursday evening by sunset to camp to be ready for the Friday meeting.

How do I get my ticket?
  • All volunteers need a Volunteer Ticket. AFTER you are invited to volunteer, we will send you a special access code to put a deposit on a Volunteer Ticket. If you fulfill all your volunteer duties to your Buckstop’s satisfaction, you will be refunded your ticket after the weekend. It may take up to 2 weeks to process your refund. (Please note: ticket refunds do not include credit card processing fees.)
  • PAST VOLUNTEERS: If you pulled through as a successful volunteer in the past, you will be green-listed and will receive an exception to ticket purchase. You do not need to purchase a ticket. We trust ya.
How do I know that I have been accepted as a volunteer?

You are not a confirmed volunteer until you get an invitation to volunteer, put a deposit on a Volunteer Ticket, and submit the confirmation form with your ticket code. Filling out the application does not ensure you are volunteering

What are the volunteer shifts like?

Length and included responsibilities of volunteer shifts vary depending on the team assignment. Most teams have three 4.25 hour shifts (a total of 12.75 hours). As you go through the application, please read the work requirements for each team carefully!

Will I be provided with meals during Sh’Bang as a volunteer?

Festival volunteers receive 1 meal ticket after each shift. Therefore, volunteers need to also plan to cook food on their own camp equipment or to buy food at the festival. (Exception: The Security team gets bonus meal tix and The First Aid team is provided with all meals)

How do I plan for parking as a Sh’Bang volunteer?

ALL volunteers planning on parking their car on site during Sh’Bang will need to purchase a parking pass. If you complete an extra shift, you may qualify for a Parking Pass reimbursement.

Are pets allowed?

NO DOGS, NO PETS policy. Not even tutu-wearing, dancing, singing pets.

Sh’BANG: A Festival of Ideas

The region’s most wildly all-inclusive eclectic arts festival, Sh’Bang! is 3 days of good times, September 1-3, 2023. Music, Downhill Soapbox Derby, Pirates, Circus, Burlesque, Puppets, Water, Cowboys, Goblins, Witches, Piñata, Fire, Love, Life, Death, Etcetera.